Would you like more fun in your job?
Would you like to learn more about the secrets of work politics?
Have you always wanted to become a professional coach?
Are you an entrepreneur and would you like to work more efficiently?

With a solid background in psychology, management and psychotherapy Marianne van der Pool coaches you to rekindle the happiness in your job. Together with you Marianne brings your personal qualities to light and helps you utilize them to have more fun in your work and achieve a better work life balance. By asking the right questions you will discover new talents within yourself. To achieve this, Marianne van der Pool employs the latest Positive Psychology methods and research results.

The coaching is to the point, practical and down to earth. Through a series of in-depth dialogues and homework assignments we explore the qualities you would like to enhance. The coaching focuses on the main questions and values in your life. A talent analysis and other measuring instruments are used to support the coaching.

'Happiness in your career does not derive from What you do, but Who you get to be' Laura Berman Fortgang